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Jo Nash created the 'Focused Flow' approach to coaching neurodivergent and highly sensitive adults based on her own lived experience as a neurodistinct person, her research into positive psychology, and the application of positive psychology tools to her own life and coaching practice. Jo collaborates with you to equip you with the skills needed to focus, get in your flow and achieve your goals. Whatever you're struggling with, Jo has the tools to help you move from surviving to thriving, and eventually, flourishing.  You can read more about her work by clicking here. Scroll down to read her resource-filled articles on a range of positive psychology topics.


Focused Flow  is a unique four-staged approach combining

  • practical goal setting,

  • life skills training to overcome obstacles to achieving your goals,

  • accountability check-ins,

  • emotional support.  


Focused Flow coaching is offered by a neurodistinct personal development specialist to provide the type of service that she struggled to find. To book a free consultation and discuss your coaching needs click here.

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