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A writing coach is like a personal trainer for writers. Demand for writing support services has increased as more people seek help completing academic writing projects, training assessments, or to optimise their content production for publication on paper and online. Whether you're struggling with academic writing projects, a novel, or content writing of any kind, the Focused Flow approach to writing coaching can enhance your focus by equipping you with the skills required to find your flow and complete your writing projects. For free tips go to the blog here.


Focused Flow  is a unique four-staged approach combining

  • practical goal setting,

  • ACT-based cognitive exercises to overcome obstacles to achieving writing goals,

  • accountability check-ins,

  • editorial support.  


Focused Flow writing coaching is offered by a published writer and personal development specialist to provide the type of service that she could never find. To book a free consultation and discuss our range of coaching packages click here.

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