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Welcome to the Focused Flow website! I'm Jo Nash and I devised the Focused Flow approach to coaching because I couldn't find the kind of support I needed as a neurodistinct person struggling to align my life with my values in a neurotypical world. Through applying my training in positive psychology and ACT, a cognitive-behavioural based coaching approach, I have been able to coach my clients, including college and university students, those seeking better work-life balance, and those wanting to improve relationships at work and home, to find their focus, get into their flow, and meet their personal goals. 

The four-dimensional approach combines strengths-based goal setting, a range of positive psychology and ACT-based cognitive-behavioural exercises to equip you with life skills needed to achieve your goals, twice weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track, and emotional support during the entire coaching process.


For more information on my experience and expertise you can click on my author page at, where I work as a researcher, writer and tool developer.

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