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Welcome to the Focused Flow website! I'm Jo Nash and I devised the Focused Flow model as an approach to writing coaching because I couldn't find the kind of support I needed when writing up my PhD, writing up lengthy research articles, and then writing a novel. Through applying my training in ACT, a cognitive-behavioural based coaching approach to achieving life goals, I have been able to coach my graduate students, researchers, and other writers to find their focus, get into their flow, and meet their goals by completing their projects. 

The four-staged approach combines values-driven goal setting, a range of ACT-based cognitive-behavioural exercises to overcome obstacles to achieving writing goals, twice weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track, and editorial support during the final revision process. You can read more about the model by looking inside the workbook on sale as a hyperlinked resource for writers here. The workbook is supplied for free for those signed up to the ten-session coaching package.


For more information on my experience and expertise click here.

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