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Feedback and Testimonials

"I appreciate your enthusiasm and kindness. Your comments are inspiring and insightful; it is impressive. I am immensely thankful." Mr. AA, MPhil candidate.

"Jo, I honestly can't thank you enough. You've helped me a lot, I couldn’t have managed without you." Mr MM Masters candidate.

"Jo was super super great. She did not just proofread and edit my project, but went beyond to get me a mock viva examiner. I will surely recommend her services to others. Many thanks Jo!" Hadiza F - PhD candidate.

"Asks questions regarding your expectations and sets clear boundaries and goals as to what she can help with." Jenny W- Masters candidate.

"Jo's coaching has been very inspiring for me. She has been understanding of my work rhythm and needs. She has checked in with me every workweek, listened to my ideas, and helped sort out my ideas too. I have been frozen with writing because I am a mother working at home during a pandemic and Jo has helped me to focus on my goals. She has understood that my baby can delay my writing progress, and has given me tips to write, even in the most overwhelming moments. She also edited one of my papers to a very high standard as English is not my native language. We are now working on getting it published. Thank you!" Andrea Guerrero-Mosquera Ph.D.

"Jo is good at being a coach. She maintains confidentiality and ethics. She doesn’t start working on a given task unless she receives your agreement. She also is ethical and works with a client based  on contracting for the protection of intellectual property in which any work you send to her will not be used nor shared and be kept protected on her device which is assuring. Her price is cheap as well. You should decide yourself when you meet her at the first free consultation. Don’t hesitate to book one, it might a good opportunity that comes on the way." Lina C - PhD candidate.

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