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I’m a published writer having laboured on many different types of writing projects including my PhD thesis,

peer-reviewed research articles, reviews, articles, blogs, and a novel. I'm an author member of ALLi. 


I'm a regular writer for where my articles discuss a range of positive psychology

techniques that I use during writing coaching sessions. You can read my author profile here.

Scroll to the bottom to see my articles that have been published so far. 

After completing my PhD I was appointed a Lecturer in Mental Health at the University of Sheffield where I supervised a wide range of graduate research students. Many were international ESL students who struggled to produce their dissertations and theses. Often their language skills needed support and development, but also their anxiety about their language abilities interfered with their writing process. 


I used my training in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to suggest my students try some cognitive defusion exercises to overcome their internal obstacles to writing. This approach was highly successful in helping students to complete their writing projects. I also use ACT techniques to optimise my own productivity. Eventually, the Focused Flow approach to writing coaching was developed from these experiences.

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